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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  September 7, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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finally join the race for governor. we'll show you why trying to be governor is big business these days. still watching that brush fire in the north bay effecting your freeway there. the east bay, looking for first signs of that back to work traffic this tuesday morning. good tuesday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura are off this morning so is rob. ria taormina is here with the forecast. >> those warm temperatures are gone along with labor day. some crisp numbers in today. not quite as high. right now the mid 50s. 55 in san francisco. 57 oakland. 50 in san jose. just about the same it was this time yesterday. a bit warmer in the north bay. but as the day goes on, things will be changing. winds are not bad. a bit more breezy than this time yesterday. i'll have more coming up and
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more weather. >> thank you very much. new this morning, it could cost you more to settle up to the bar, one bay area city san francisco supervisors are talking about charging you more for alcohol. bob redell is live in san francisco with a look at what that could mean for your next cocktail. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. this is a proposed tax that could trickle down and make a night out on the town here in san francisco a bit more expensive for you, your date, your friends, whoever you are taking out. later today the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote on what they're calling an alcohol cost recovery fee, if passed the city would impose a 3 cent tax on each 12 ounce bottle of beer, a 4.5 cent tax on a six-ounce glass of wine, and a 3.5 cent tax with any drink with 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol in it. the new fees would be levied against wholesalers and dri
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distributors, but the thought it the costs would trickle down to you. the new tax is said to raise $16 million a your for san francisco, money that would help the city recoup costs associated with alcohol abuse. each year $18 million is shelled out to cover er visits, and other things. in an e-mail to us it was said this fee will make our sidewalks safer and provide hope and dignity for the people struggling in the streets and alleys. the city public health director also backs the plan. those in the alcohol and hospitality business are opposed arguing that an extra alcohol tax would hurt business. mayor newsom is also against this, promising to veto this
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legislation. that's assuming there are eight supervisor votes that could throw back that veto in his face. right now six or seven supervisors are on board. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. hercules police will be back at a pittsburg landfill later today it will be their fifth day searching that landfill for the remains of 35-year-old frederick sales. sales has not been seen since august 27th, police think he was killed by efren valdemoro. the chp shot and killed valdemoro last tuesday after a high-speed chase. police believe he killed sales' father, 73-year-old ricardo as well as cindy tran and two vallejo women. a suspected gang member accused of shooting a fremont police officer will be in court today. andrew barrientos is charged with ten felony counts including attempted murder. he is expected to answer to those charges today. investigators say barrientos admitted to shooting officer
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todd young on august 27th. young and another officer were in plainclothes when they tried to serve barrientos with an arrest warrant. young was shot twice in the pelvis and is still recovering this morning. the santa rosa police department will hold a blood drive in officer young's name today. donations will be taken from 10:00 to 2:00 at the santa rosa police department on sonoma avenue. a guy known as spider dan is facing charges this morning from going to the top of the san francisco skyscraper on the outside. dan goodwin took three hours yesterday to climb the millennium tower. when he made it to top, some firefighters helped him unfurl an american flag. after that, police detained him for causing a public nuisance and trespassing. goodwin said he did it to raise awareness of cancer and the skyscrapers are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. the race for governor heats up today. democratic candidate jerry brown is hitting the airwaves with the first of his television ads of his campaign.
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so far all we have seen is republican candidate meg whitman's attack ads on brown's record. her camp spent $20 million on ads to date, but brown said it is a campaign of deceit. >> we are dealing with a campaign on the republican side that has no regard for truth. when california came out of the recession, the revenue came pouring into the state, because i left it healthy and structurally sound. >> reporter: whitman's camp is not backing off, though. it says after 40 years in politics protecting the status quo, it is no surprise that jerry brown is kicking off his campaign with a misleading historic renovation of his own record. on october 12th, nbc bay area will carry a debate between jerry brown and meg whitman in what could be a taste of november. tom brokaw will moderate the debate in san rafael. we will start coverage at 6:30 on that night right here on nbc bay area, and on now, misleading or not, scott mcgrew says candidates are
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spending a lot of money on ads. >> no recession in political spending. the associated press says if you total up all the money for those running for the senate, candidates like carly fiorinafi the total expenditure nationally is $1.2 billion. our own race is the biggest and nearly every cent of that comes from meg whitman who spent 104 million of her own money. a study by the state of california shows jerry brown spent less money on his campaign than he did back in 1978. at least so far. wall street is back in the black after a gain of more than 100 points on friday, the dow once again positive for the year. a better than expected jobs figure helped friday's trading. there was no trading on monday this morning markets will react to the news that mark hurd will take a position over at oracle. kris will talk about that in a bit. >> thank you very much, scott. in the east bay, workers who
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make pot and process medical marijuana are teaming up with the union. oakland's margin investment provides medical marijuana used by patients suffering from cancer, hiv and other life threatening illnesses. 38 of its workers voted to ratify a two-year contract with the teamsters union. union officials say it's a way to movement industry forward. >> about ten years ago the medical marijuana proposition passed. i think this is just an extension. people are just getting used to it it seems like a natural progression. >> reporter: that could mean a bump in salary as well. right now workers are making about $18 an hour, and under the new union contract, they would be making closer to $26 an hour in just more than a year. today crew also continue cleaning up an oil spill in the petaluma river. oil leaked from a tugboat that was being dismantled by a salvage company. it coated about two miles of the river and spread from the marina past a bridge on highway 1016789 between 200 gallons and 600
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gallons spilled yesterday. a boom is around the tug this morning. clean-up is expected to last several days. crews have not spotted any oil-coated wildlife. new this morning, a possible link between crime and preschool. a new report out claims that investing more in preschool program also reduce crimes in cities and save millions of dollars. the report says investing in preschool reduces the need for special education placements and other education expenses as that child goes through school. the full details of the report will be presented this morning by the city of concord and local law enforcement. after a $12 million restoration, the historic music concourse in golden gate park will reopen friday with a big old birthday bash. the party will celebrate the 110th year. the concourse has been under construction since 2005. there were several expensive snags in the restoration along the way including problems with
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the century-old drainage system beneath four fountains. time is 5:08. we were wondering earlier, now tuesday after labor day, traditionally this is when school begins, vacations are over. traffic picks up. the first couple of reports this morning, we have a little going on. accident in the south bay. >> in the area where a lot of folks are focusing on san jose traffic, not much right now, but 280 at bird avenue, that off-ramp is closed. reports of smoke in the area. smoke might be dust, because reports are that accident, the sand barrels are causing that dust to kick up. no lanes reported closed september for that off-ramp there. southbound 87, shows the slowing. i'll follow this. shouldn't stick around. golden gate bridge is clear. southbound 1 101, the brush fir is under control, but there is a
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crew at sir francis drake. >> thank you very much. >> we always say labor day is the symbolic end of the summer, boy, i think mother nature was listening. >> just doing what it's supposed to, cooling off for the first unofficial day of fall, which was the last unofficial day of summer. clouds returning it will be cloudy along the coast it will be burning off in some areas. temperatures dropping almost 20 degrees in some areas, 10 to 15 for sure everywhere. there's even a possibility of some drizzle tomorrow. right now we're in the mid 50s. 55 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. 60 in san jose. thing also probably be going down a couple of degrees over the next hour or two. this is part of why. a trough to the north will be bringing the low clouds and the cooling temperatures towards us as it comes down the coast. and it's going to be changing our numbers. we will be in the 50s, into the low 60s at 8:00. warming up a bit, but our numbers even throughout the day by 4:00 are not going to be very
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warm at all. and this is about it. just about 80 degrees everywhere. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. tropical storm hermine is in texas this morning. the eye of the storm crossed the border from mexico overnight. hermine could dump as much as a foot of rain and cause flash flooding. winds are topping out at 65 miles per hour. neighborhoods are without power. the storm is hitting the same area effected by hurricane alex earlier this year. the time is 5:11. while you were sleeping, college football's opening weekend ended with a thriller. we'll show you coming up. and a wildfire destroys dozens of homes. we'll show you where this fire is burning. joran van der sloot is talking from behind bars. find out when you can see that exclusive interview. c
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accused killer and confessed extortionist joran van der sloot says he feels gitity. van der sloot granted nbc news an exclusive interview from behind bars. yesterday news broke that van der sloot admitted to a dutch newspaper that he extorted money from natalee holloway's parents. van der sloot said he took $10,000 from her parents and promised to tell them where to
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find her body. instead he took off with the money. van der sloot was never charged in holloway's murder. he is accused of killing another woman in peru. a plane crashed in the middle of a street near las vegas. one person is dead, three more are injured from this crash in henderson, nevada. all four of the crash victims were on that plane. the crash happened just after the plane took off from an airport about two miles away. neighbors rushed to the plane and pulled two other people from the plane. a wildfire raging through the night in colorado is threatening homes this morning. look at these pictures. the fire broke out in a canyon northwest of the city of bolder yesterday. it already destroyed dozens of hom homes. it has burned more than 3,500 acres. 1,000 homes were evacuated. three air tachkers are on the
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scene and four more will be brought in today. the cause is still unknown. a cloud of black ash is covering an indonesian island this morning as an active volcano continues to rumble and make noise. it was dormant for the past 400 years until it woke up last week. the initial eruption was so powerful it was felt five miles away. now witnesses are saying the volcano is glowing orange and it looks like magma is flowing down the volcano's slows. nearly 4,000 people have relocate. amazing new video of the moment a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit new zealand saturday. you can see the buildings start to shake, the rocking just gets stronger and stronger. the floor appears to move a number of feet in both directions. this video was shot at a retail store in christ church. there were about 20 aftershocks on monday. experts say there could be another big one in the coming days. a push to create jobs. the president says he has a new
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plan to put people to work. president obama announced yesterday he wants to spend $50 billion on transportation projects. the money will fix roads, runways and railways throughout america. the white house says it is not a stimulus but similar to one. democrats hope it will be a positive for voters come november, but experts are not so sure. >> the economy is not going to improve before the election. there's nothing barack obama can do about that. >> the president said the plan will not add to the deficit. republicans say people still have to the seen the jobs they were promised a year ago. >> scott mcgrew joins us. >> you have the midterm elections coming in a bit. congress not in session. so nobody can approve this right away. the president will sketch out some details to the plan on wednesday. two interesting details we know. first the president is proposing a change to the way business can write off the taxes if they make an investment on equipment or
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research. you're actually already able to write that off, the president's plan would allow business to write it off faster instead of spacing it out. that's cash now. that should have a stimulative effect. the other unusual part of the plan is the way the president would like to hand out that $50 billion for infrastructure. instead of letting congress specifically decide where it goes, where a congress person could spend it in his or her home district, they call that pork, the decision would be up to a committee. >> oracle announced monday that mark hurd will join the company as co-president. wall street gets to react to that today. there was no trading monday due to labor day. hurd's career at hp ended after irregularities with his expense account and controversy over a a relationship with an hp contractor. mark hurd can't come into a
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meting and spill the beans on what's going at hp. you have a confidentiality agreement. those who support hp say hp is sticking by its ethical guns. business and ethics these days are not closely related. i saw this as a big win for mark hurd. >> he was the first one i thought of who won in this. >> i suspect they'll have a different kind of -- not just a confidentiality agreement, but probably like disclosure of personal relationship type of talk. >> certainly that is something that oracle has struggled with. >> right. >> i'm struggling with my words. thank you, scott. the giants still sit a game behind the padres in the race for nl west this morning. it's getting exciting. last night in phoenix they had to put in a little extra work to put away the diamondbacks. at the end of the ninth inning, the score was all zeros. in the top of the 11th, nate
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schierhotlz knocked in two runs. the a's hope to pick up another win against the mariners today. last night the a's won the series opener. coco crisp led off the bottom of the first with a home run. later in the fourth, matt carstens hit his second home run of the season. the a's went on to win 6-2. . pro baseball to college football, boise state is ranked number 3 in the country, but they play in what's called a nonbcs conference so their chances of getting into the big game at the end of the year are slim, even if it does finish undefeated. it has no hope if it lost last night, last night they won, their first game against virginia tech in landover, made. this one came down to the final moments. boise state scored a touchdown with a minute and a half in the game. extra point made it 33-30.
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virginia tech made one other drive but it wasn't enough. there are quite a few players on the boise state roster from the bay area. >> boise state sounds familiar because that's the one with t tthe bluefie field. >> yes. >> that is strange. >> there we are, coming past antioch, looking at the green. first workday back after labor day. we expect a big volume of traffic, right now the early signs, antioch, bay point westbound, highway 4 still close to the limit. you still have a chance to get out there and beat those slowing spots through the east bay. westbound 580, i was looking at 14 minutes over the last few, now back up to 13 minutes. so the drive time light now
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coming throughout of the altamont pass and through livermore. no delays on highway 84, cutting through sunol or heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. a nice flow of traffic. the toll plaza itself shows you more headlights coming through the area. volume increasing. all folks heading into this access point over to san francisco. no delays no metering lights yet of course. look at that, cash lanes showing a little slowdown, typically because one of these cash lanes over the course of the morning is closed for the next few minutes. san mateo bridge, no delays now. clear view, but seeing a glow to the lights. ria is focusing on her changing forecast as well. that's comingp. up. >> look at this sushi roll. find out how long it's said to be and why that could be enough for a new world record. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools.
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good morning, folks. i'm ria taormina. our numbers yesterday were great. above average temperatures in san jose. 16 above where we normally would be in oakland. today is the first unofficial day of fall. things are going to be didn' different. temperatures are going down at least 10 to 15 degrees from 24 hours ago. we are pretty much the same, a couple degrees warmer in the east bay that will be changing
5:26 am
as the day goes on. we have clouds in the region, which is typical. yesterday was not typical with clear skies throughout the bay area. cooler temperatures this afternoon, dropping 20 degrees in some areas to 70s inland. tomorrow, the change, drizzle in spots. this is part of why. there's a trough system to the north of us. it will be dropping that cooler weather along the coast, bringing us those cooler temperatures and lots of clouds. they will be clearing out in some areas by the afternoon, but not by much. as we approach the morning and get ready for work, 57 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. pretty much the same temperatures as they are now. warming up a little bit at lunch time, and the sun is going down a little bit earlier every day, down to 7:30 tonight. things are not going to have warmed up very much. 72 in redwood city, 80 in concord. these numbers were in the high to mid 90s yesterday. things are cooling off more so tomorrow. and then things will be bouncing up a bit.
5:27 am
then we're having another trough of low pressure before the weekend. should be pleasant, nice, fall weather overall. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. hundreds of people rolled their way into the record books for the world's largest sushi roll. they built the roll at the university university of umass in amherst. 200 pounds of rice, cucumber, and crab meat were assembled on a line of bamboo sheets to make one continuous california roll. five gallons of soy sauce and 6 pounds of wasabi. it beat the previous record of 343 feet set by uc berkeley last year. >> last year we did a record about the mentos and coke, i
5:28 am
didn't like that because it wasted the food. this one, i like because it gets eaten. a man got handcuffed because of a stunt he did in san francisco. and the man accused of shooting a fremont police officer, he will be in court today. see what's next for andrew barrientos. and going out for a few drinks in one bay area city could cost you a little more. you'll see why in a live report. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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this stunt got the attention of a lot of people, including the police.
5:31 am
find out what this guy was trying to achieve. >> a night out on the town in san francisco could get more expensive. i'm bob redell. we'll tell you why coming up. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm garvin thomas. brent and laura are off this morning but mike is here, trying to save you time and money. >> a look at the peninsula where we got reports of a fire the road, something, we don't know what, is reportedly on fire. someone called that in to chp, that's southbound 101 through south san francisco. we'll watch for traffic breaks. so far not a major issue, at least one person saw something on fire in the middle of the road. south bay, northbound 280, the off-ramp at bird still closed. an easy drive the rest of the bay, and ria, we have things
5:32 am
clearing, but cooling also. >> yesterday we were 10 to 20 degrees above average temperatures, today we'll be just about at average temperatures. right now mid 50s throughout the area. 55 san francisco. 59 oakland. 60 in san jose. big changes are in store for tomorrow and the rest of the week. stay tuned. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> a bay area city known for its night life could be more expensive for partiers. bob redell is live in san francisco where the city is talking about charging you more for alcoholic drinks -- i don't mean just you, bob. >> reporter: fortunately. good morning to you, garvin and kris what they're voting on today at the san francisco board of supervisors is not expected to go down as smoothly as an iced cold beer, not with many bars, restaurants, and the same feeling from consumers. they are voting on a surcharge that would be levied against wholesalers and distributors of alcohol.
5:33 am
a 4.5 cent tax on each 6 ounce glass of wine, 3.5 cent tax on each shot of hard liquor, and a 3 cent tax on each 12 ounce bottle of beer. the expectation is those fees would then be passed on to us and make it more expensive to belly up to a bar or buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store. this new tax would raise $16 million annually. money that would help san francisco recoup the cost associated with alcohol abuse. each year almost $18 million is shelled out to cover unreimbursed er visits, ambulance rides, prevention programs and other costs associated with taking care of alcohol alcoholics. those in the alcohol and hospitality business are opposed arguing that an extra alcohol tax would hurt business. in an e-mail the supervisor wrote according to the chief
5:34 am
economist, this would have a minimal impact on the economy. mayor newsom promised to veto any such legislation that comes across his desk, that is assuming there are not eight votes from the board of supervisors. if there are, they can overturn his veto. it seems right now there are about six or seven on board with the plan. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. here's the big finale of a stunt at the millennium towers. that man climbed all 60 stories up the outside of the building using suction cups and ropes. that guy is known as spider dan, he faces now some misdemeanor garnlg charges. dan goodwin took three hours yesterday to climb the millennium tower. when he made it to top, some firefighters helped him unfurl an american flag. after that, police detained him for causing a public nuisance and trespassing. goodwin said he did it to raise
5:35 am
awareness of cancer and to raise awareness to the fact that skyscrapers are still vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> we are building these skyscrapers taller and taller. yet we expect these firefighters to go charging into these high-rise buildings and risking their lives, we know what happened on 9/11. >> we shadowed the individual all the way up. it was a huge cost to the taxpayers of san francisco because we were using such an amount of resources, because this individual decided to climb up the outside of the building. >> goodwin says he has another event planned for 9/11 but won't say what he's doing or where. only that it won't be in the bay area again. hercules police will search a pittsburg landfill for a fifth day today. they're looking for the remains of 35-year-old frederick sales. police think efren valdemoro killed sales. they have not said what led them to think that. sales has not been seen since august 27th.
5:36 am
the police shot and killed valdemoro last tuesday after a high-speed chase. police believe he kales sales' father, ricardo, also cindy tran and two other vallejo women. andrew barrientos is scheduled to appear in a courtroom today to enter a plea. the 20-year-old is accused of shooting fremont police officer todd young as the police officer tried to serve a warrant in oakland ten days ago. barrientos was arrested the next day a quarter mile from the message mexico border. coming up this morning, a live report about the barrientos case. the santa rosa police department will hold a blood drive in officer young's name today. donations will be taken from 10:00 to 2:00 at the santa rosa police department on sonoma avenue. the city and county budget has a $6.5 billion hole -- has a
5:37 am
$6.5 billion in its budget, the state lawmakers have not finalized a spending plan for california and that is having an impact. for example, more money would be needed for the sheriff's department if there's a spike in the jail population because of reductions in the state department of corrections budget. >> obviously san francisco would be much happier with more money, but scott mcgrew says so would the rest of us. >> as it turns out, money can buy you happiness. a study by the national academy of sigh yciences surveyed over 250,000 people, it turns out people feel happier as their income rises. but the euphoria level drops at about $75,000. for those making $100,000 to $200,000, they feel more successful but not necessarily happier. >> i had only 30 e-mails when i came into work this morning because i already answered most of them over the weekend.
5:38 am
chances are you did the same. a survey in pc world finds that 72% of americans check their business e-mails outside of regular business hours. that's a sign of how many smartphones they are. it's not a sign that people have gotten busier but just that people are able do it. i like to do it. if i'm in the taco bell line and can knock out a little work, i like it. >> vicky nguyen just did a story about how we can always be online and we can always be doing work that we're getting a little overloaded with -- you know, you're not in the taco bell line spacing out, and sometimes we need that. >> oh, taco bell. >> b.a.r.t. is taking some heat today for its connector to the airport. b.a.r.t. wants to spend $492 million to built the tram to the oakland airport, opponents of
5:39 am
the plan say the tram will cost more than the air b.a.r.t. bus and put b.a.r.t. at financial risk. the rally starts at 11:00. time to look at traffic and weather. yesterday we saw holiday light. today folks are getting back -- >> the end of holiday not light. right now seeing a little heat-up in the north bay. been following this car fire, not a car fire, not effecting cars this is effecting your view, though. a lot of flashing lights southbound 101 at sir francis drake. the fire was put out some time ago, but that slow lane is blocked. watching for hot spots, a lot of dry brush in the area. watching that carefully. the maze moving smoothly. we are seeing east bay slow spots, i'll show that to you in a few moments. >> big changes in the weather compared to yesterday. yesterday, lots of sun, lots of heat, the temperature going down. >> isn't that okay, when you go back to work or school, you don't feel quite as bad?
5:40 am
>> yeah. >> still beautiful weather. right now in the mid 50s. by 8:00, it's not going to be much higher. 57 in san francisco. 60 in san jose. as noontime and lunch time approaches, a little bit warmer, 70 or so. we will not be getting much higher than the mid 70s, even in the inland areas. looking at 4:00, not nearly as warm as yesterday. today's dro will be 12 to 17 degrees. looking at the seven-day forecast, not only is today cooler, but tomorrow getting even cooler. numbers turning around and warming up a bit. >> thanks. 5:40 is the time. the top general in afghanistan says a florida church could put u.s. troops in danger. >> and doctors are already urging people to get flu shots this year. we have a pediatrician in-house. she'll tell us why the push is coming so early. and the president says he has a new plan to create new jobs. we'll ta dke a live l next. a
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new this morning the president's approval rating continues to plummet. a new nbc news and "wall street journal" poll shows nearly half of americans disapprove of the job the president is doing. 66% of people surveyed do not believe our children will be better off than we are. with that in mind, tracie potts joins us with more on the president's plan that he will announce tomorrow. we have been hearing bits and dribbles. what do you have to say? >> tomorrow he will talk about business tax rates. if you give businesses a tax break f they have more cash on hand, they can hire more people. tomorrow we will hear about him extending and making permanent a research tax break that ran out in december this would allow businesses to write off losses through next year and hopefully
5:44 am
hire more people. this along with the infrastructure plan he talked about yesterday allowing for more road projects, rail projects, airport, airline projects, to put more people back to work. those are the two parts of the plan you will hear from president obama this week. republicans say it's just another stimulus. the white house is not calling it that. they say it's another stimulus which they don't think will work better than the first one did. how much will this plan cost? $30 billion for those tax breaks which the government says would be recouped as the economy gets better. both would require congressional approval. >> all right. thank you very much. we will be listening for that. we know we can use good news. a church in florida is threatening to burn a koran this september 11th. the man leading the war in afghanistan says that is a very bad idea. general david petraeus says that could endanger american troops
5:45 am
and americans worldwide. the dove world outreach saturday is calling this saturday burn a koran day. a south florida muslim group echoes petraeus' concerns. >> this insights radicals around the world. a devastating wildfire in colorado still burns out of control this morning. the fire is just outside of bolder, and it's already destroyed dozens of homes, including some of the homes that belong to firefighters battling that blaze. more homes are threatened. about 1,000 homes are under evacuation orders this morning. the fast-moving fire is 3,500 acres and growing. the cause is still under investigation. firefighters in hawaii are also facing brush fires this fire season. crew there's spent yesterday battling a fire that came dangerously close to a high school. it started on a hill in
5:46 am
honolulu, quickly spread to a neighborhood there. firefighters were able to save the school and nearby homes and fortunately no one was hurt. time is now 5:45. you are watching nbc bay area news. >> we will check in with traffic and weather in a few minutes. first a suspected gang member who investigators say admitted to shooting a bay area police officer will be in court today to face charges. christie smith is live in oakland with how much prison time andrew barrientos faces. >> reporter: good morning to you. if andrew barrientos is convicted on all the charges and enhancements, including allegations, as you said, that he is a long-standing gang member, he could face life in prison. he is facing ten felony charges, including attempted murder. according to investigators, he admitted shooting the officer, but says he did not know the victim was, in fact, a police officer. barrientos was arrested feet away from the u.s./mexico border but is now being held in
5:47 am
oakland. he's accused of shooting fremont police officer todd young in oakland and fleeing. investigators say he fired ten shots at plainclothes police officers, who were part of a task force trying to arrest him on a warrant. officer young was shot twice in the pelvis and has had at least three surgeries. he was last listed in stable but serious condition. another man was also with barrientos and charming charged accessory. if you want to help out, the santa rosa police department will hold a blood drive in officer young's name today. blood donations will be accepted from 10:00 to 2:00 today at the santa rosa police department. barrientos is expected to appear in court in oakland at 2:00. christie smith, nbc bay area news. two words and one unhappy
5:48 am
feeling, you have probably heard about the flu shots, but the question is is this the best time to get yourself and your children vaccinated? here with us this morning we have pediatrician dr. hal. it seems early for us, is that just perception or is this the best time to get the flu shot? >> it is always the best time to get the flu shot so your immunity can build. for children it takes longer, so getting now is right on target. >> we got a question this morning on facebook, if i get the flu shot this early in the season, will it last until it's all over? >> yes, that's the idea. the sooner we get this flu shot, the better we can protect all the vulnerable small children and older folks that are most at risk for having severe reactions to the flu. >> people always like to say i don't get flu shots because they always make me sick. what do you say about that? >> i think there's a lot of confusion about that.
5:49 am
flu shots don't make you sick. with the nasal flu vaccine mist, you may be a little ill for a few days, but the kill vaccine does not make you ill. a lot of times it's just coincidence, you get a flu shot and you get sick. for the rest of your life you sort of connect the two. >> folks have probably seen all the signs at walgreens, the guy at the cash register saying come on over, we'll give you a shot. you can't take your kids to a regular walgreens to get a shot, right? >> no, anyone 9 or over, they can go to wall greens. for children, they have to visit their pediatrician. >> okay what is the main question that you always get? >> i always seem to get will this totally protect me? and will this stop the vomiting and diarrhea? that's not influenza. influenza is probably the worst cold you're going to get. >> thank you very much. we will take some questions on our facebook page and hopefully you will be able to help us answer those. you can join the conversation by
5:50 am
checking us out at nbc bay area morning news. we will answer your questions ahead at 6:15. >> whooping cough epidemic continues to spread throughout california, and county health officials are trying to get help. they want people to get vaccinated against the contagious disease and are offering free clinics to make things easier. there are eight times as many of whooping cough this year as last year, and three infants have been killed in the epidemic. there will be a free clinic on september 18th, 8:00 to 2:00. just show up in room 100 in the health administration building. google's new logo is driving some people crazy. >> it's unusual. it's a logo made up of colored balls that gather into the word google. normally when you click on an unusual google logo, you get an explanation, none this week.
5:51 am
though, it is arguably google's birthday. if you try to click on the logo, the balls just roll away. we don't normally talk about the box office on tuesday, but the theaters got an extra day of moviegoers over the weekend. the american with george clooney was number one. word of mouth on the film was tepid. many thought the long movie was slow-paced. my favorite comment on twitter, george clooney shoots people, drives, eats, lord, help me, in real time. >> did you see george clooney? >> no. >> george clooney is my megan fox. >> i can understand that. i think for many women he is. so if he's just sitting there on film for two hours doing nothing -- >> i would watch him brush his teeth. thank you very much. how far can a helium balloon travel if you just let it go? a 4-year-old boy just got that answer. little ryan whetters let a
5:52 am
helium balloon go with a note attached asking the person who found the balloon to call him. on average, that balloon traveled 200 miles a day. 762 miles from his home in lexington kentucky, it showed up on the yard in montreal, canada the man who found it followed through and called him. >> i said is orion there? i found his balloon in my yard. >> i never saw a child so happy. >> orion says this won't be the last time he tries to send a note via balloon. he says he can't wait to see who gets his next letter. my poor kids, it's in the tree. it will be there for five years. >> do the feds shows up at orion's house now? >> the reality show? >> maybe so. >> a look at the roadways.
5:53 am
looking over here at the 580/680 interchange. that's a major focus on the morning commute. an accident just reported there at the interchange, westbound 580. mostly off the roadway. no major injuries, but a distraction. speeds quickly dipping down below 50 miles per hour, about 45 approaching that interchange. slowing just around hacienda. coming out of the altamont pass, 15 minutes for that slower drive coming out of the altamont pass. get out of there if you are heading through livermore. right here, we don't get a break. that earlier speed limit we showed you on the speed sensors, that's dipped down over the last 20 minutes and slammed down past summersville. the rest of the area heading over towards the maze, moving smoothly. walnut creek interchange coming off the benicia and carquinez, still 18, 19 minutes off the
5:54 am
carquinez. the a's are playing tonight, this area will get congested before that 7:00 game. probably 5:30, 6:00 we will see a lot of folks heading through there. the bay bridge is clear. i will go back to kris and garvin. >> always nice to see. always nice to see. >> also nice to see ria here with us. >> i was going to say -- that coffee makes my mouth sticky. >> that's all right. it's the time of day. in the meantime, we have a crisp start to the unofficial start of the fall season. of course the official one isn't for a couple of weeks. clouds returning to the coast, and in other areas as well. much cooler temperatures. dropping 15 to 20 degrees in some areas, dropping pretty much everywhere. the surprise moving forward is drizzle and cooling for
5:55 am
tomorrow. right now 55 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. 60 in san jose. things are not very different from yesterday except in the north bay. napa is nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the breeze it picking up a bit. fairfield, 17 miles per hour. so pretty breezy. bring a sweater or jacket as you head to school or work. by noon, warming up nicely. 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. san jose, mid 70s. not getting much higher than that. we have a trough to the north of us bringing us low pressure. the clouds coming in along the coast, things will be cooling down. let's look at the temperatures where you might be. 74 in gilroy. these numbers yesterday were so much warmer, but it's a nice start to the week and things will be going lower even tomorrow. we will be at 63, half moon bay. more of the typical coastal clouds. it will be pretty nice, except we are cooling off more
5:56 am
tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> a southern california school could be one of 20 schools across the country to get $500,000 as part of a contest by kohl's department store. officials and parents were anxiously awaiting for those official results. kohl's facebook competition was simple, 20 schools with the most votes could each win $500,000. the parents say they visited college campuses, communities, everywhere they could find to get support and votes that they needed. nerves were frayed when the vote count dropped to as low as 19th on the list in the final week of the competition. >> when everybody saw that, there was a bigger push and more parents took off work, went all over, talked to their friends, called family. >> kohl's is still verifying all of the schools complied with the contest rules before they make the award. there were bay area schools vying for that money but they did not make the top 20.
5:57 am
70 years ago today, germany started the intense bombing of britain known as the blitz, now we are seeing that part of history like never before. a london government agency has this previously unseen color film. color footage was still rare in september of 1940. the video shows medics training for casualties and winston churchill reviewing civil defense workers in hyde park as thousands of people cheer him on. and throughout it all, the city going about its business, stores are open, double-decker bu deke still running. >> ge smartmeters gone mad. people saying they are messing with everything from baby monitors to garage doors. !%
5:58 am
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